Saturday, October 21, 2006

Edible Complex

Mason was born on October 14th, about 5 weeks early. This was not really a problem other than the fact that our baby shower was scheduled for October 21st. Both Jen and I feel that little Mason heard about the party and, not wanting to be left out, made plans to be there in person.

About 3 days before the shower, my cousin called and asked me to email her my favorite picture of Mason. First of all, how hard is that?! Finding my favorite picture. I only have about 80 or 90 favorites of the 80 to 90 pictures I have taken so far. Well, I narrowed it down to a couple, flipped a coin and ended up with this one:
Fast forward three days. The day of the shower. We walked into my cousin's house to find the room filled with friends and family. It was nice to get together with some adults and have some conversations about adult babies.

On the table was a cake (there is always a cake), and on the cake was the winner of the coin toss. It was so cute and sweet (pun intended).
The baby shower played out as expected: conversations about the baby, presents for the baby, spinach dip and carbs! It was then time for cake. We all gathered around as Ariana, our hostess, began making slices through my son's face on the cake. Don't get me wrong, the cake was great, but there is something about watching your newborn child being sliced into little cubes that is somewhat unnerving.
The Masonic Cubes were served to the hungry guests, and Jen and I watched as these little cubes were devoured by our family and friends.

There are some cultures where canniblalism is the highest form of honor. To be eaten by loved ones ensures you will live on as a part of them for years to come. There is also the old saying "You are what you eat." In that case, Mason will be a part of me forever, and I will continue to be a little bit "snotty."

Some Changes

So, I made a few changes to the site. Let me know what you think.

Also, I think I fixed the video. Scroll down and try it again.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Baby Phantoms

Jen, Mason, and I got to bed last night around 11:30. While I love being with my son, it is nice to get that much needed rest! So, with Mason snuggly swaddled in his crib, and Jen and I nestled in our bed, we all drifted off to slumberland... for a bit.

At 1:30am, Jen woke me in a panic!

"The baby!" she said. "I can't find him."

Jen was rooting around in our bed and despratly grabbing at the sheets.

"The baby?" I asked puzzled. It was dark, and I was pretty sure he was not in the bed, but I couldn't be sure with my sleep daze still washed over me.

"I brought him here to be with us, but now I can't get him. It's hard to know which is the sheet and which is him." Jen was really grabbing at the covers now and trying to get ahold of Mason.

I got up to check the crib. There was Mason, sound asleep and dreaming of milk and poopies.

I returned to bed. "He is still in his crib. He's not here," I assured Jen.

"Oh, he's not?" Jen sounded exhausted from the pawing of the bed. "Oh, ah...I though he was here. I jusssss..."

She was alseep.

I drifted back to sleep and settled into a very satisfiying dream sequence (it was a great adventure dream... I love those!). Jen woke me up with alarming news.

"The baby! I can't find his head! He's here, but I can't find his head!"

The panic in her voice promped me to franticly scan the darkness of our bed. Jen had our son in her arms and was patting him down, as if fluffing a pillow... wait a minute! It was a pillow in her arms!

When we both calmed down a bit, we broke into a great hearty laugh. We had officially had our first "loopy parent" moment. The kind of stories that we will pass down to our children so they can tease and taunt us!

Jen got up and fed the baby.

As for me, I had an adventure to continue!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Look, Ma! My Hands!

So, little Mason found his thumbs last night. I think he is in love!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Beast Friends

Here lie Mason and Onyx. May they (and their parents) rest in peace! Please, please rest...we need to rest too! Onyx! Leave it! Hey, give me back that keyboaallkjalnnbbbv,bn,s.v...

Friendly Fire

Saturday, October 14 - At 6:34am Nurse Peggy draws friendly fire from Mason as she places him on the scale to be weighed.

Monday, October 16 - At 4:55pm a nursing assistant takes it in the face as she prepares him for discharge. There were no injuries other than the nurse's pride.

Tuesday, October 17 - At 12:30pm Mason takes aim at his father. The stream grazes Josh's shoulder, but he is otherwise unharmed.

When will Mason strike again? Experts are unsure. There does not seem to be a pattern to these crimes, but chances are, he will strike again...and when he does, I will be ready!

So, here's the whole story...

Warning: This is a narrative version of the story. If you would like the Cliff Notes version, check the previous post.

The wedding party was in town, and wedding happenings were in full force. Weston, my brother, and Adrienne, his fiance, were to be married on Saturday. Friday night, Gran called me and asked if I would bring over the inflatable bundle of bed. I agreed, reluctantly. I was already snuggled into my home and ready for a restful evening. You know how it is.

Anyway, I took the bundle of bed to Gran leaving Jen to rest in slumber on the couch. I visited with Gran for about an hour or so. After my visit, I returned home at about 12:30ish to find Jen on the computer replying to an email from a friend who had sent a list of "things to get before you have a baby." After finishing her email, we hit the sack.

At 2:30, Jen woke me up to "come look at something." I was assuming it was the mouse that has been ransacking our pantry for the past week, but that was not her concern. It seemed that her "bag-of-fluids" had ruptured. I called the hospital and explained to them what I was looking at. I said that the mouse was a bit bigger than the last mouse we found and...wait, no that is not what I told them. I actually don't really remember the conversation. I remember...I remember feeling a bit nuts. We had no bags packed, no baby stuff, nothing! I ran through the house for about the next 20 minutes gathering things we would need for our trip to the hospital.

When I finally looked at what I had gathered, all I had were the toothbrushes. So, with toothbrushes in tow, Jen and I got into the car at 3:30am. Jen had her first contraction as she waited for me to unlock the car door. Into the car went Jen, and off we went!

On the way to the hospital, we had one last name conversation figuring that we only had a few hours to make a decision. How right we were!

We pulled into South Sacramento Kaiser Hospital at about 4:00am. Jen and I walked into the hospital and up to the 2nd floor. When we got to Labor and Delivery, there were 7 people ahead of us. Jen took priority due to the "water-bag" thing. I was taken to the admitting nurse to give her the needed information while Jen was escorted to her womb room.

I was in with the admitting nurse for about 20 minutes and joined Jen the room at 4:30am. For the next 45 minutes, Jen and I breathed, panted, moaned, and did all the things they told us to do to get a head rush to make you forget about the pain. Well, it worked for me (head rush was great!), but Jen was feeling pretty uncomfortable.

Finally, at 5:15am, Nurse Peggy and Dr. Sheppard exploded into the room (Ok, they just walked, but I am trying to create some tension...feeling tense? I was, and so was Jen's uterus!). So, the medical staff were in the room. Jen was finishing off a particularlly tasty contration, and Dr. Sheppard did a quick exam.

"Wow! She's ready. You're ready to push, Jen!" said Dr. Sheppard.
"I'm not feeling ready," replied Jen.
"Hunny, you want to do this," interjected Nurse Peggy. "That's what you're here for!"

I just kept breathing and keeping up the head rush.

Jen began pushing at 5:30am. She is so kind to let me believe that I was such a great help. I counted during pushing, breathed with her through contractions, and made motivatioal mini-speeches like, "You can do it!" and "Go, go, go!" and "What the heck?!" I thought they were pretty convincing, and I am very fluent at counting to 10, but really, it was all Jen!

Well, I was running out of mini-speeches and was just about to start recycling them, when Mason's head became visible.

Jen hunkered down for one more push.

At 6:02, Mason was born. Jen and I both fell into tears as they placed him on her chest. I knew this would be an exciting moment, but I was overwhelmed with the emotions washing over me. I am not a good enough writer to describe the feelings of those first moments with my family. What I can say is this: All happiness in my life will be measured against that moment. The moment I first met my son.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Cliff Notes Version

Friday, October 13, 2006
7:00pm - Jen and Josh go for a hunk of meat at the Outback
8:30pm - Jen and Josh relax on the couch to watch the Netflix movie they have had for over 3 months
10:00pm - Gran calls and asks Josh to bring over the Aerobed for wedding guests

Saturday, October 14, 2006
12:30am - Josh returns from Gran's to find Jen answering emails from Jeanne
1:00am - Jen and Josh slumber
2:30am - Jen wakes up Josh to "come look at something"
2:30am - Jen's "bag-of-fluids" ruptures
2:30am - Josh begins to freak out...just a little
3:30am - Jen and Josh get into the car and Jen has her first contraction
3:50am - Jen and Josh agree on a name for their son
4:00am - Jen and Josh arrive at the hospital
4:30am - Jen labors in her room at the hospital
5:15am - Nurse Peggy and Dr. Sheppard enter the room
5:20am - Dr. Sheppard examines Jen and declares that she is fully dialated
5:30am - Jen begins to push
6:02am - Mason Jonah is born
6:02am - Josh and Jen begin to freak out...just a little


Peggy is from Louisiana. Peggy was only engaged for 45 days before she was married. Peggy married a king. Peggy is a nurse. She was our nurse for delivery. It was said about Peggy, "People love her or can't stand her." WE LOVED PEGGY! At one point during Jen's labor, Jen rammed her leg up on the doctors sterile table. The doctor grew concerned that the sterile table was being compromised with the invasion of Jen's foot. Peggy simply said, "It's her foot! She can get it up in her stuff if she likes!" With her sassy commentary, moves of a pro, and southern appeal, Peggy made our stay in Labor and Delivery most memorable! Well, Peggy and the new baby boy!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Fatigue...for a good cause

I just got home from the hospital. I have had about 6 hours of total sleep in the past 2 days. My head aches. My back burns. But my heart breaks that I am not with my son. I hope all goes well tomorrow and he and Jen can come home. The house is cold and lonesome. Come home soon, Mason!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Why "The Big, Brown Lawn?"

My wife and I just extended our family with the birth of our first child, Mason. He is the real purpose of this blog. The title of the blog is not really all that important, but I do believe it should be explained. I am sitting at home now while my wife, Jen, and Mason are resting at the hospital, and since I would rather be with them right now, and not just sitting at home, you will have to wait for an explanation of "The Big, Brown Lawn."

Here is what you need to know:

Mason Jonah
October 14, 2006
6 lbs 7oz

Jen, Josh, & Mason