Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for family.  Mine arrived in town yesterday.  Mason was busting with excitement as he peeked out the tiny window at the top of the door.  Poppop! Uncle Tis, Dama! (Gs are pronounced D right now, our favorite is when he wants to eat "pomedamates").  It was a rainy morning and the fam arrived just before lunch.  Mason ran out the door to greet them bouncing with joy. We all had lunch and then after all the excitement of showing his favorite things, he crashed out for a long nap.  

Later that evening, he played like the wild one he can be after a solid 3 1/2 hour siesta.  He pounded on his drum and led everyone in singing his favorite songs.  He paraded through the house dancing with tiny teddy and so on.  Then as the evening crept on he developed a crazy cough that would not quit.  We tried the steamy shower room idea, the warm shower, the propped up pillow and still the cough.  As the wee hours of the night fell upon us he got a bit wheezy.  Josh was an absolute trooper.  He hung in there and tried to let me sleep amidst Mason climbing me and hacking away. We had to force the baby mask and asthma inhaler, which feels like absolute torture as he wiggles and resists it with all his might.  Yet, he finally slept and I lay awake worrying about our little guy.  Somewhere in there I fell asleep to wake with a dead arm that was under him and a body that was teetering off the edge of the bed.  He woke again struggling to breathe and we wrestled and got him to take a bit more medicine.  He slept the remainder of the morning completely taking over my spot and sprawling as I once did.  I couldn't sleep, so I did laundry and found some fun bargains online and did a bit of holiday shopping.  

I am thankful for my parents who stayed up countless hours with me and my asthma, my mom that would take me to the emergency room, which I was dreading the thought of last night, my husband that hung in there, the sleep that Mason finally got, the internet for providing quiet entertainment in the wee hours because doing dishes was just a bit too loud, and my brother who can sleep through the chaos of a night in our tiny plastic castle.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Summer Fun

Last year at this time we were heading south for our Costa Rican adventure.  We met up with friends to celebrate Dave's birthday.  It was quite fun and as you may have read on previous postings.  This year we are staying home and family members are coming to visit us.  We did miss out on the Los Angeles "pre-Thanksgiving" celebration yesterday, which was sad indeed making that two years in a row of absences.  So perhaps next year we will be making our way south to celebrate with our LA posse.   

Reminiscing on past events I got to thinking about our summer fun and our good friends out in Boston.  Dave, Jeanne and, Gretchen made their way out here to our place last July, braving the summer heat to see us.  Fortunately, the weather was not the blistering heat it can be in July and we had a great week.  Knowing how chilly it must be in Boston right now, I thought I would send some warm memories their way.  Mason and Gretty had lots of fun playing outside in the water tub (good thing they are both pretty tiny-I think we will need a bigger pool next year),

drinking "fancy" drinks,

and doing a bit of gardening.  They enjoyed harvesting a collection of tomatoes, or as Mason calls them "May-toes".

Mason loves the garden.  He loves to bring in the vegetables and wash them off.  

And those of you who know him, know he loves to eat.  Just the other morning at breakfast he said, "Jelly is tasty.  I like food."  He is willing to try many things.  He loved to try the "May-toes" and really wanted to like them.  He never gave up on trying them, however, 

he just wasn't sure he liked them. Unless they were transformed into salsa, then eating was on. Full speed ahead!

This year as I think about all that we have to be thankful for, I am happy to have my family and friends (near and far), and lots of love and laughter.  

I look forward to more fun at the fountain,

more visits,

more improvements to our garden, (Thank you boys for all your "manly work"!)

more smiles and time well spent,

more chasing bubbles,

and more hugs!  Bye, bye Gretty, see you next time!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 21, 2008

And they said, "Let there be bark!"

And then, there was bark.

A ton of bark! Several tons, as a matter of fact! 
And once it was delivered, it had to be moved. At least we had help.

It was, as Mason put it, "Haahh Wuhk!"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Peek-a-Boo Mason!

Mason loves to hide and be found. He likes for you to search for him and find it "challenging" to discover his latest hiding spot. From within his hiding spot he hasn't quite mastered the art of hiding silently. To him if he can't see you, you can't see him, that is all that is needed for a good hiding spot.
I love to ask questions such as, "Hmmm, where is Mason? Daddy, have you seen Mason? Is he under the bed?"
Which typically provokes a hiding Mason to respond, "Nooo."
"Is he inside the closet?"
"Is he behind the curtain?"
Giggles and laughter erupt....ahhh, it is the best,
Peek-a-Boo, Mason!

Autumn is my favorite season!

We recently attended a music workshop that was quite inspiring.  One part I could fully relate to was a lesson related to the seasons.  Our presenter was introducing a song and series of lessons where she began with "Autumn is my favorite season!  I love the fall, the leaves, the pumpkins...."  She then told of her students that say, "But Ms. Medley, didn't you say that summer was your favorite season?"  She replied, "Yes, and in a few months spring will be my favorite season."

I feel this way as the seasons change.  There is so much that can be noticed and enjoyed as the earth makes its way around the sun.  Just last week, Mason and I were traveling home as the sun was setting so early.  The sky was a gorgeous mixture of pinks, blues, oranges, and yellows.  We watched it with ooohhhs and aaahhhs.  Then the full moon appeared and we glanced out the other side of the car searching for it as it peeked in and out of the trees and buildings on our journey home.  We couldn't wait to get home and tell daddy of the wonders we saw.  

The fall brings so much more.  The pumpkins, the leaves, family, and celebrations.  Mason's birthday was a huge celebration and is in need of it's own posting, which I will attempt soon.  Most importantly, it brings about time to spend with the boys.  I look forward to spending our week off together next week.  And I promise I won't try to have you dress alike everyday.