Monday, November 09, 2009

I need 3, 'cause I'm 3 now.

Mason has perfected the art of extending the birthday celebration well beyond just one day of fun. His birthday is in October, yet just yesterday we were lighting this cupcake candle and singing the birthday song just for fun.

This year we decided to have his party a week later than usual because my family would be traveling to town for a visit then. Just before Mason's actual birthday he informed us that he would be having his birthday at Whole Foods (one of his favorite spots in town). Shopping there with him is always eventful. He has his routine down. He likes to hit the bakery for a loaf of cinnamon bread, dairy section for eggs and milk, dog aisle for bones for Onyx, then we cruise by the butchers and see if they have any meat samples out (if they do it is usually cause for celebration), then we have to hit the "make your own" trail mix bar, and finish things off in the produce. The trip isn't complete without stopping by customer service for his Kids Club treat and to say hi to his favorite employees. His actual birthday fell midweek on a Wednesday so we decided to invite a few friends and family out for a birthday celebration at Whole Foods. He was so excited to see everyone and play at the little play store inside. We ate dinner and enjoyed his cupcakes that he made with Ariana and Rylan. He opened gifts and even got a giftcard from the staff at Whole Foods. As we made our way over to get his Kids Club treat the lady asked him how old he was and he said, "Well, last night I been 2, but now I'm 3."

A week and a half later we celebrated with his teachers and friends at preschool. He picked out lollipops to share with everyone and was so excited to wear his "party hat". He had told me about it on the way there and I wasn't sure what he was talking about. Then when he had the special birthday cake hat on I knew just what he meant. He was so excited to wear it and sit in the special birthday chair. Everyone sang to him and he sang right along with everyone. One boy in the class shouted with a big grin, "Hey that's my birthday song too."

That weekend we celebrated here at our place with his pumpkin patch party. Such fun! We enjoyed a day of family, friends, and great fall weather. That morning he was telling me about the party and how he would need to get his party hat ready. I knew I should have bought that birthday cake hat when I saw it at IKEA last summer. Thanks to MaryEllen for swinging by there to pick one up for him. It was meant to be the thing even had 3 candles and 3 strawberries.

Thank you to all that were able to make it and help celebrate. I think one of my favorite parts was when Mason was singing Happy Birthday to himself just before blowing out the candles.