Friday, June 29, 2007

Rock Stars!

A visit from "the fam" the other night brought about an impromptu show. Josh busted out the guitar and the partying began.

We had the dancing, singing, hippie-tie-dye wearing concert goers,

the exhibitionist/streaker,

and the young rock stars in-training!

Rock On!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


So the 6 month mark passed us by in the blogging world. Let me rewind a bit for you loyal fans and share with you Mason's big check up.

He had his big weigh in:

Then on to the length measuring pad:

After that, he got his first book from Kaiser which he proceded to inspect orally, of course:

Finally, play time on the crinkly paper while waiting for the doctor:

All in a day's work.

(To sum up: 19 lbs 11 oz, 27 3/4 inches long, new book Baby 123, which he loves, and crinkly paper is a cheap way to entertain!)

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Dear Grandpa,
I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of you and me to wish you a happy birthday. Enjoy the memories.
Mason (and Mommy, too.)

Can't wait to see you soon!

Daddy's Little Helpers

So I told you that "the boys" are happy to have us home this summer, and likewise we are happy to be home. Summertime here at The Little Plastic Castle means BBQs, planning projects, and of course taking many a trip to the local home improvement stores. This summer we have moved the projects outdoors. Josh has already built us a picnic table from scratch and has now moved onto improving our "curbside appeal".

After the ol' Winnebago incident last January, it is time to get busy. Our fence has been ordered and our new front deck is in the works. Josh has been busy sawing, measuring, and the like, while we lend a helping hand as needed. We try to provide good company as he works so hard. We have taken a few trips to the stores to gather supplies and even Onyx was willing "jump in" to help out if needed. Unfortunately for him, he would have to stay behind and guard the fort.

This morning it was off to Lowe's for more deck supplies.

Mason was "decked" out in his appropriate attire, complete with tool kit embroidery.

Daddy's little helper was on call, ready to giggle and smile when needed.

Alright, Dad, I think our cart is full and we're ready to go!

So it is back to work for now. Next time you visit, you just might be walking up our new front stairs!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Just a Photo?

Not just another swing picture, you say...

Okay, scroll on down the page and enjoy, we're back and we have stories to share. Keep checking back for more updates. We're ready to find the time to keep 'em coming and we're glad to be back.

Pool Party!

The verdict is in... Mason loves the pool. And it is a good thing too, because he has all the gear. It would be a shame if he didn't. He couldn't let it all go to waste. He has his sun hat,

his swim diaper, his swim trunks, his sunscreen, his sunglasses,

his inflatable toy, his towel.

Good thing mom has a big bag to carry it all in. It is exhausting for a little guy to remember it all.

Do I remember how this works?

I know, I know, you can't believe it. A posting with actual words, thoughts, stories. I can't believe how long it has been since I wrote. Believe me, the stories, pictures, moments have been there begging to be shared, yet somehow the time has been spent, and the blog has been neglected. Have no fear, we are back and ready to retrace our steps a bit. I believe I left you with my thoughts as I returned to work. That's right, I haven't scrolled down past our cutie in the swing picture to read, didn't want to get distracted and not write. I was too busy trying to make sure I remembered how to login and how all this works. Thankfully, it hasn't been "that long" although some of you fisty readers may disagree.

So back to work it was for me. A little rocky at first, but we got the hang of it... now we are on summer break and would rather chat about that, so let's kick it all off with a little picture of summer. Our two boys are more than happy to have us all to themselves, and what screams vacation more than a day outside in the wagon.