Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Little Mid-Week Fun

A Wednesday evening at home was spent outside in the gardens.  Mason was proud to show off his latest tricycle riding skills while Daddy, Ellie, and I looked on.  After checking his mailbox he and invited me to watch him shoot some hoops at his new basketball hoop from Valerie. 

We then were playing a bit of catch with our new lacrosse game when we heard Daddy calling us to see what he found in the garden.  
"Mason come quick!  You won't believe it!"

We left our game and hurried over to see the treasure he found.  As we entered the garden, we were greeted by the Dipper Gourds that seem to get bigger every time we turn around.

As we made our way past, Ellie and Daddy showed us what they discovered under the beautiful peanut plant leaves... Our first peanuts!

We have been noticing quite a few changes in the garden over the past few days. The herb garden:

The tomatoes are towering over their cages.

The bean teepee is healthy and strong.

The mysterious cucumbers that like to hide out under their leaves.

The driveway garden is booming.  The spaghetti squash is climbing, the Cinderella pumpkins are beginning to peek out from underneath the leaves and the corn "is as high as an elephant's eye". 

After watering, harvesting, playing, and digging the sun was setting and it was time to head inside.  The fun didn't end there.  Mason was checking out the Bumbo seat we borrowed from Ana and wanted to give Ellie a turn.  She is so cute sitting in it.  Mason kept bringing her toys to play with.  A train car, black steam engine, pretend foods, a CD.  You know, stuff babies like. Then he started singing the new song Josh taught him, "Hiccups".  Ellie loved it, too as you can see in this video.  Her new little laugh which she shared with us the other day briefly, was caught on film.

Thank you to all the family and friends that helped jumpstart the garden project this spring for my birthday.  Thank you Josh for all the hard work you put into our gardens this spring and summer.  I love that you have brought such beauty and magic to our yard.  I love that the tiny seeds we planted have grown taller than us.  I love that Mason knows so much about the plants and how to harvest those "red, ripe, amatoes".  He was so cute running over to Ellie and me with his basket full saying, "Mommy I'm bringing a picnic for us to share, here try a bean." I look forward to more special times outside with family and friends.  

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sweet As Can Be...

Sunday afternoon brought about many moments of fun.  Mason wanted to hold Ellie and then had me take their picture. 

The cooler, breezy weather inspired me to dress Ellie in her long sleeve cupcake shirt, which inspired me to search for a new cupcake recipe to try out.  We had some very ripe bananas, so I found a banana cupcake recipe and Mason and I got to work.  He has been Josh's sous-chef all summer and has become quite skilled in the kitchen.  

"Mommy this is a HEAPING scoop of flour."  Too funny.  

We realized we were all out of eggs, so Daddy ran to the store to pick some up for us.  We mixed all the ingredients we could.  

"Mommy, I need the bigger whisk.  That's the one that Daddy uses. I think it will work better." Ellie looked on intently, learning all she could. As soon as she can join in the fun she will be right there with that big brother of hers she loves so much.  This week she beams with the biggest smile whenever he is near.  

Once Daddy returned with the eggs we took a break from reading Charlie and Lola and Froggy Bakes a Cake to finish our sweet creations.  Once we had the cupcakes in the oven, it was time to whip up some frosting.  Ellie came over to take a closer look.

After munching on a dinner of solar oven cooked chicken, solar oven roasted garlic,  and fresh beans from the garden (our first ones of the season) it was time to decorate our cupcakes. We could hardly wait. 

Mmmmmmm! Life is sweet.