Monday, February 26, 2007

Work Those Abs

In the world of babies there are many things that are different than the adult world. For example, the phrase "back to sleep". For adults this would refer to times like, "The dog howled at top volume when the paper was delivered. Then I tried to go "back to sleep" for a bit before getting up for work." For babies, this is the all too critical position that we as adults are supposed to lay them in for slumber. Sleeping on their back is supposed to help prevent SIDS. It does, however, have some side effects, namely possible bald spots from rubbing baby head around on mattress, "flat head", and instant waking upon transfer to back sleeping from snuggly, stomach sleeping on warm parent or visiting adult. To help reduce these side effects it is recommended that parents give their babies plenty of "Tummy Time" while they are awake. This consists of laying Mason on his belly to help him build up his strength. Typically, Mason enjoys getting his exercise and apparently, would like to have it more often. One day in the not so distant past, Mason and I went to his room to choose an outfit for the day. I laid him on his back in his crib to "play" while I gathered his duds. I turned around moments later to discover that I obviously was slacking on giving him his tummy time, for he had rolled over all on his own. So far this has been a one time show, but I know he is just saving it up for the right momment to impress us again with his strength and finesse. To help celebrate this accomplishment I will share with you a little Tum-Time montage.

Mommy and Me

Everyone says it is amazing how much babies change in the first year of life for a amazes me how Mason proves this theory each and every day. Earlier this morning he saw his alien puppet hanging out of the basket by his changing pad and reached up to grab its bright, red antennea ball. He grabbed that guy and pulled him off. This may seem like any old, ordinary feat, but just last week he was merely beginning to control his arms and hands. He would swing at the toys we hung from his car seat randomly, every now and then connecting with them. Then he would be distracted by the realization that he was controlling his hand and focus intently on the waving mitt in front of him.

Today marks the start of our final week of maternity leave. Our 24/7 Mommy and Mason time. Mason has decided to show me that he is working on giving me a bit more sleep to prepare for going back to work. On Saturday night he slept 9 hours in a row...a personal record! So this week I dedicate to him. (Not that the other weeks haven't been all about him, or the weeks to come for that matter.) However, with deadlines, our procrastination seems to have a finishline, a boost of adrenaline, a final sprint. So, as I look to the last 250 meters of this maternity leave race, I see Mason, Mason, Mason. How do I wish to maximize my full-time motherhood, my reign as a "SAHM" with you this week? What shall we do to enjoy our time? The answer is simple. Just be you: surprise me, amaze me, snuggle me and I will feel oh so spoiled. I love you Mason, and look forward to the good times that lie ahead.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Gas, Food... Nipples?

When we purchased our new stove this winter, we were unpleasantly unsuprised to find that it did not quite fit into this old, uneven, sloping, mismatched house. It stuck out into the walkway leaving a teeny, tiny space to get in and out of the oven (the island in the center of our kitchen doesn't really help either. The thing is so big that once I swore I spotted Jack and Kate looking for some way off the darned thing). This led to burned knees and a sore back from twisting to get cast iron pans and cookie sheets in and out of the hot box (My right eyebrow is now a bit shorter from a close call with a hot pizza stone). And so, once again, I was called out of "handyman" retirement to replace the gas line with shorter, more accomodating fittings.

When working with gas, it is always important to consult a professional. Luckily, I had one on hand. At first, I wasn't sure if Mason was up to the job. He seemed distracted by the red of the wrenches and the silver backing of the stove.

However, once I got his attention on the nipples, his professionalism came shining through. Mason proved to be an expert when it came to nipples. He gave me the advice and the confidence I needed to get the job done. Together, Mason and I reclaimed over 2 inches of floor space. My knees were thankful for a job well done, and I even think I felt my right eyebrow raise with a regained confidence.

Mason Gets High

In an attempt to involve Mason in our family meal time, we busted out "the chair." It is, as you may have noticed, a strap-on. I am in love with this style due to the fact that we have little space in our home, and this chair alleviates the need for another baby item invading the already scarce floor space (don't get me started on the amount of times I have been detoured by the behemoth that is the swing).

Mason seems to be at home in his wooden tower. He sat with us for lunch, and gawked at the food we consumed. Here, high above the black, dog hair tundra, Mason practices his table conversation (mostly sighs and occasional high-pitched squeals) and works on his tracking skills (Dad's food on plate, Dad's food to Dad's mouth, Dad's food on plate, Dad's food...oh, please come to me...erg! Dad's food to Dad's mouth...).

However, not too long after being seated, Mason begins to wonder, "What is the point of all this sitting? What's in it for me?!" He begins to fuss, and Mom, with her super-human nursing powers, rescues him from his pine lair

But it's a start!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

You Can't Help But Smile

Ok, it has been awhile since I posted on this blog. Jen has been pulling double duty as both SAHM and historian. She has kept this torch burning filling your days and nights with pictures of our babe-o. Thanks, Jen.

However, I have been doing my fair share of parenting too. I have been busy MAKING STUFF. Some might call it an obsession, but there are worse things to become obsessed over (like pointing out that I sometimes end my sentences with prepositions).

I have also taken to giving puppet shows. While I must concede the scripts are not very sophisiticated, I work with what I have, and Mason seems to think they are A-1, top notch! Just see for yourself.

Now, tell me that didn't make you smile!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy 4 Months!

February 14th ~ Some are celebrating Valentine's Day, but to Mason it is his four month mark. His latest accomplishments: drooling, picking up toys, kicking with great gusto, standing (with a bit of help), observing his hands and feet, finding out that he can suck his thumb-not just his fist, and noises-ah the sounds he makes. He has taken to talking and singing any chance he gets. He loves to chat on the phone when the spirit moves him, so next time you call you might get to hear his favorite story or song.

Here he is Mighty Mason, oh how he is LOVED!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Best In Snow

January brought about many things...inspiration for knitting, soups and stews, cozy quilts, a visit from Val, and a trip to Tahoe. Mason's first trip to the snow. What could be more winter or January than that? Mason, Val, and I arrived in Tahoe expecting freezing cold temperatures, but were pleasantly surprised. It was January 18th and it had been cold, single digit cold. Luckily for us, it was cold, but more of a Sacramento cold, than a Tahoe cold. We unpacked and settled in for an evening of movie watching, a.k.a. Val and Jen's naptime. After sleeping through our movie, it was time for bed.

Friday morning the adventures began. Mason and I walked as Val went for a run. It was such an amazing day out. Warm enough for Mason in his bear suit.

He hung out in the Bjorn as we walked and snuggled in for a nap as Mom misunderstood the directions and took us on an unplanned detour throughout Incline Village. The plan was to walk along the lake and end up meeting Val at Starbucks. Between the beautiful view, the amazing fences (more on that in a moment) and not realizing exactly where I was supposed to turn, I was distracted and lost track of the time.

Ever since the Winnebago fiasco, I notice fences everywhere.

It's like when you are going to buy a car and all you notice on the road is that car you want, or when you are re-roofing your house in the blazing heat of the Sacramento summer and all you see are rooftops and crazy roofers melting on tar papered rooftops as they work during the hottest part of the day. Okay, maybe you relate to the car thing more, but you get the idea. Now, for me, it is fences here, fences there, fences, fences, everywhere!

In Tahoe, the fences are quite a sight to see. Beautiful ones are in abundance so many a photo were taken.

After I snapped out of my fence-nosis, I realized I probably had been gone a while and should maybe think about motoring over to meet Val at the Starbucks. Misunderstanding the directions, I turned back to head to the coffee shop. At the time, I didn't know I was misunderstanding it all. That realization wouldn't come until the next evening's walk...I knew where the coffee shop was, I just didn't know there was a faster way to get there. So we walked and walked and walked. When I arrived I asked if they remembered a "Val" coming in for coffee. They looked at me like I was crazy. I thought, Val is an uncommon name, I didn't think it was that weird of a question until I realized that they didn't ask for your name when you order at that Starbucks. Feeling a bit silly we headed back home to find our "Famous Val".

Friday evening brought Mark, Leslie, Garrett, Abigail, and Josh for dinner. We enjoyed a home cooked meal and a few too many warm, homemade oatmeal cookies. We all headed to bed with full bellies and visions of snowmen dancing in our heads. (Cheerleader snowmen according to Abigail.)

Saturday morning. Snow Day. Well, the warmer temperatures were perfect for outdoor adventures with a 3 month old, yet not so perfect for an abundance of snow. We wished Val well as she went in search of skiing and after many a minute reorganizing and wrestling with all the carseats, set off with The Wriston Clan in search of a snow park. We we all piled in and ended up on the Mount Rose Highway with a beautiful view and a great spot for sledding and snowman building.

The snow was a bit icy, but that would not stop them. They worked as a team to build the snowman.

Mason was more interested in eating than icy snowmen, so we hung out in the car for a bit and watched all the action.

After his lunch, he was ready for the white stuff. Here he is, of course mom thinks he is indeed the winner of the title

"Best in Snow!"

Family Photo

There were a lot of "firsts" for Mason that weekend including his first slide.

We look forward to many more visits to Tahoe in the future. Until then, we shall enjoy its beauty in pictures.