Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Who turned up the heat?

Well as far as Sacramento summers go, I must say this one has treated us quite well. We had many a mild days this summer. So mild, that a couple were even a bit on the chilly side, hence the outfit Mason is sportin' in these photos. As we have gone back to school these past couple of weeks, it is back to the blistering heat of summer. No cable knit needed.

I know I have been slacking on the blogging...it is hard to find time while chasing my little mobile one around these days.

He is constantly on the move, and more than willing to show us where all the "non-child proofed items" are around the living room. He particularly loves to crawl over to Josh's guitar and play us a tune (or one might describe it more accurately: pound out a tune).

This week his biggest display of bravery and strength is trying to stand on his own. I have yet to capture it on film, being that it is just for a few wobbly seconds, yet it is definitely there. He'll climb up to a stand and then let go. We find ourselves not realizing he's doing it at times. Then we notice and he catches himself.

Look out "Little Plastic Castle", soon he'll be on the loose and off and running. That PVC gate won't be able to hold him back for long.