Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spoon Man

Call it a fascination with all things shiny. Call it performance art. Call it what you like, but Mason has always enjoyed amusing his dinner mates with his utensil talents.

About a year and a half ago, we were out to eat with Jen's family in LA. As we all carried on our conversations, Mason was quietly busy with his own agenda. After several minutes of silence (we should have known something was up), he said, "Look."

It amused the entire dinner group who proceeded to attempt the stunt as well. Most were moderately successful, though some had trouble due to the extent of their proboscis.

Now Mason passes the torch.

"Ellie, you try it."

Of course, she was a natural!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Measure Twice, Cut... Hey, Where's My Tape Measure?!

Spring and outdoor projects are synonymous here on the Lawn. We are slowly constructing a bigger, less-browner landscape. This spring, irrigation was the project. We have been reworking our garden beds and getting things set up for drip lines and timers throughout. Less time lugging a hose, more time playing in the yard. Ellie loves playing hide-and-seek with all the little bits and pieces for the drip lines.

And she is really getting into working with all the tools. "Two, six, two, six, two, six, two, six..." That is pretty much the mantra she chants while measuring. Now is that two by six? Two and six? Twenty six? We can never be sure. Better measure that one again.

Where is Mason for all of this. He's enjoying the other thing that this family loves to do in the Spring with summer approaching...

Family Naps!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A-Hunting We Will Go

Several years ago, Jen and I were crowned "The King and Queen of Easter." Not really sure what that means. I didn't know there was a land called Easter. Apparently there is, and it is a monarchy. So, to amuse our "subjects," we hosted a gala once again at the Big Brown Lawn.

And what did the kids of Easter like best. The traditional "hunt," of course! Nothing beats trying to track down junk filled plastic eggs rammed into the dusty bowels of the Earth. Or up the diseased tree.
Or in the earwig infested artichokes.

And look what Ellie found in one of her eggs. Must have been a fertile one.

And so it is that the Big Brown Royal Family, bit "egg-do" to another Easter holiday. It wasn't the most triumphant gala, nor the most glamorous, but we did the best we could with the crowd we had, and whatever... it's a monarchy, remember! We can do whatever we want!

Oh, and if anyone is missing a large crystal serving bowl, a large pyrex bowl, a salad dressing container, a serving platter, several large serving spoons, a sauce bowl, or a serving fork, you can pick them up at our next garage sale. We will make sure to cut you a deal.

Happy Easter!