Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

It is hard to measure how much you can love a person in your life. They show you in so many different ways that their love is creative, and inviting.

It is teaching and sharing one's talents.

It is stopping to notice the beauty that surrounds us.

It is tasting a sweet treat.

It is a kiss blown from the top of the highest tower on the playground.

It is sweating in a Frankenstein costume on a hot summer day.

It is going for a bumpy ride.

And helping someone climb to reach the top.

It is driving, getting lost, begging to be let into the library as it closes to checkout the solar oven cookbook in time to let you cook your first sun-cooked birthday meal.

I love you and all your crazy ideas.  Thank you for making our lives so rich and overflowing.  We love you daddy!
Mason and Mommy