Monday, April 21, 2008

Vrum, Vrumm!

Mason loves to play outside. Mason loves to do things like mom and dad. He climbed up on the mower and complete with sound effects pretended to drive around.

His latest imitation was when he found the dental floss. He pulled out a long strand, had me help him clip it off and then proceeded to try to floss, or at least what he thinks flossing is.

Did we stay in Costa Rica forever you ask?

Ah, I know many of you are wondering how the tale of our "International Babe of Mystery" ends...

Will it forever be a cliff hanger? I cannot answer such things, however, I can attempt a long overdue update. Josh is at a CPR training. Mason is asleep. We have watched all of our Alias DVDs and are in need of the next season, which we shall acquire on our upcoming mission this weekend. No new shows on until Thursday, except for The Bachelor. Pile of laundry in the other room is not calling my name loudly enough, so here I rest on the couch and begin to ponder...Where do I begin?

With such a lapse in blogging, (such a funny verb, don't you think? Reminds me of the Tenacious D skit..."Do you like clogging?" Okay, okay random obscure reference, back to the task at hand), how do I just pick up and go? What has our little one been up to? What have we been up to? Oh my!

Well let's see...a recent summary:
Spring Break was a hit, nice weather and much to do in the re-landscaping arena. By the way, we have a huge yard. Sometimes I forget this fact, especially when I spend time indoors which is tiny. Many a back-breaking hours have been spent out there these past few weeks and we are loving it.
Mason loves to pick sugar snap peas from our garden.
He finds them to be like mini treasure chests. He gobbles them up by the handfuls.
Mason is trying hard to talk.
Mason is on the go all the time.
Mason's favorite toy is his wheel barrow.
Mason's favorite stories: Big Bulldozer, Trucks, Machines at Work. Do you notice a theme here? Don't worry he still loves those classics such as Eight Silly Monkeys, Curious George and the Bunny, Time for Bed, and the wonderful lift the flap book, Monster Tales, Pumpkin Patch Party.
As you see here this one is great in any season, not just limited to the fall season as the name would imply.

Hmm, so I was attempting to load some photos to this entry and suddenly it closed out on me. My computer is feeling overloaded. I shall attempt it again, but maybe it is a sign. It is out of practice. Oh good here we go.

Remember that horribly annoying song: "I don't want to work, I just want to bang on the drum all day..." That seems to be the spring time feeling. Let's all just play all day.