Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Break

So, here we are in 2011, and here is the first blog since last July. Well, the chickens are all grown up now, the kids are a year older (almost), and we have had an event filled year. I could do a recap blog, but that seems like too much work, and since I have a bunch of work ahead of me for the rest of our break, I will just skip all that has taken place and just pretend like you are all up to speed. Ah. That is much better.

Spring Break is always a time to get those projects going. This break is no different. The family has spent most days outdoors on our "Staycation" here at the Big Brown Lawn. First things first, we had to deal with those plants!

So, we have now planted the 40 tomato plants, 20 pepper plants, beans, peas, basil, and a number of flowers.
This along with our 4 apple trees, two nectarine, two peach, three cherry, persimmon, plum, apricot, pomegranite, and fig. Mason told me yesterday that we are living on a farm, "but if this is going to be a real farm, we're going to have to get a whole lot more animals." True dat, true dat...

And here is a view of the somewhat-finished-somewhat-to-be-completed patio area. Note the reused concrete bits collected from busted up driveways. It has only been a year with all that in our driveway. Did I mention how tolerant Jen is?

And all this is great, but Mason and Ellie are content trying to break their necks on the hammock... er... I mean pirate ship.

Come on by and see for yourself.