Monday, February 02, 2009


It's good to have friends. Even better if they have access to a condo at Incline Village, Lake Tahoe. Our great friend, Valerie, just so happens to fit both descriptions. We were invited up for the weekend and couldn't say no.

Mason had been to the snow once before, but his experience was limited to this:

This time, he was a bit more engaged. 

It took almost no time at all for Mason to get the hang of his new snow shoes.
He was off and trekking into the white wilderness.

Valerie gave Mason his first lesson in proper snowball formation.
Not bad for the powder she was working with. Hazzah for Val!

It turns out that snowballs are even better for eating. 

When asked what the delicious frozen treat tasted like,
Mason replied, "Mmmm, tays lie a paw-sic-uh!"