Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break, WOO HOO!

"Rise and shine Mommy!" A greeting that was not met with feelings of rising at that moment. Our first day of spring break was upon us and all I really wanted to do was fall back asleep and relish in the fact that I didn't need to get up and rush around to get somewhere on time. Mason, on the other hand was ready to spend our "not a work day" being the busy bee he likes to be, so as I found ways to stretch out my "having to get up moment", my mind began to go down the list of options of how we could spend our first day. We landed on taking part in our Preschool Group's snow day trip and it couldn't have been better. What a way to kick off the week together.
I didn't escape the rushing around to get somewhere, but packing snow gear was more fun than the daily routine. We drove up to Yuba Gap and the weather was spectacular. I loved how Mason kept saying how Ellie would be so excited to see the snow for her first time. She woke up just as we were driving down the road to the Sno-Park and he was telling her to look out her window and see the snow. Too cute.
We got out, got suited up, hiked up to find our friends from the preschool. Then the fun began.

We found a tree cave
A hunting we will go...

Solo sledding on the bunny hill
Let's do that again...

Here we go!
The girls


Bump, bump, bump! (Look at that hair!)

Ellie hangin' in the snow.
Snow Angels

Snow Snacks

Family Fun at its finest!